Chris Kolb

The classroom teachers of the Jefferson County Teachers Association have endorsed Chris Kolb to continue his hard work and advocacy as a School Board member. A JCPS graduate himself, Chris went on to earn a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University where he studied racism in contemporary America. Since 2016, Chris has been a strong voice for racial equality in our schools and helped push JCPS to become one only a few school systems in the country to implement a Racial Equality Policy. He pushed for and helped get approval for a complete renovation of Shawnee High School and worked to fund nearly 100 mental health specialists to work with JCPS students. 

By re-electing Chris to The Board, you’ll be helping him continue the transformative work that will make JCPS the model for education in urban America. The teachers of Jefferson County ask you to join them in supporting Chris Kolb for the JCPS School Board.